Jesus Look-Alike Too Distracting for Tournament

Nathan Grindal of Oxford simply wanted to enjoy watching a darts contest. But when the Jesus look-alike attended the Cash Converters Players’ Championship recently in Great Britain, his resemblance to the Christ was so unnerving to some spectators that they began hurling insults and taunts. After the crowd began chanting “Stand up if you love Jesus” at Grindal, several Tournament competitors began complaining that his appearance was too much of a distraction.

Eventually, Tournament officials asked security guards to escort him from the stands and allow him to watch the competition in an enclosed area via video. Grindal, whose beard and long hair make him look like many artistic depictions of Jesus Christ, said he was very disturbed by the crowd’s hateful reaction and he thought that the security guards’ actions made the situation even worse. He said he couldn’t believe how the other spectators began bullying him when he wasn’t bothering anyone. Grindal didn’t walk away from the Tournament empty-handed, however.

The competition’s runner-up, Kim Huybrechts of Belgium, autographed his program for the unlucky spectator, inscribing it “to Jesus” with the message, “Hard luck mate.” No word if Grindal is contemplating legal action against the Tournament organizers for removing him.