Residents of an assisted living facility in Boston, Massachesetts were shocked to discover a four foot high statue of the Virgin Mary had been found on the grounds of their home. The statue was uncovered by a construction crew working on the grounds and is thought to have spent at least 20 years buried on the grounds of the facility; the Golden Pond facility is located in the town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

The facility’s executive director, Bill Marr says “It’s even beyond incredible that it was found 20 days before Christmas. The timing of the year couldn’t be more symbolic.”

“It was while we were trying to get tree roots pulled out that the excavator shovel pulled the statue out of the ground,” Marr says. “A resident was walking along the sidewalk in the back of the building and saw the statue sitting in the pile of dirt.”

Officials at the assisted living facility are currently conducting research with local historians in an attempt to discover how and why the statue of the Virgin Mary ended up buried on the grounds. Prior to being the Golden Pond facility the area of Hopkinton was a mobile home site and before that an area of woodland. Discovered just 20 days before Christmas the concrete statue will be restored and placed in the multifaith chapel on the grounds of the facility.
Virgin Mary statue unearthed