Texas Man Carves Son with Satanic Pentagram on 12-12-12

Richland Hills, Texas – 39 year old Brent Troy Bartel appears to have phoned 911 emergency responders to confess to harming his six year old. Bartel confessed to what was later determined to be a mutilation by carving a pentagram into his son on Wednesday, December 12 or 12-12-12-.

The exact message Bartel confessed to was: “I shed innocent blood… I inscribed a pentagram into my son”.

The child did not suffer any life threatening injuries. However,

it wasn’t until the child’s mother phoned in police that officers arrived on the scene. The boy was held in the hospital overnight and discharged the following day.

The father is held in jail on an aggravated assault charge and is pending a mental evaluation. It is not known why Bartel did what he did other than his bizarre explanation that 12-12-12 was a “holy day”. Bail bond has been set at $500,000.