‘Raiders’ Mystery Solved: Postal Mix Up Explains Odd Package

‘Raiders’ Mystery Solved: Postal Mix Up Explains Odd Package

Indiana Jones Journal Found in Mail

A package delivered to the University of Chicago addressed to the fictional movie character of Indiana Jones has been revealed as a lost Ebay purchase.

According to ABC News, the small package was lost in transit from a larger package by the U.S. Postal Service who saw a University of Chicago address and forwarded the mail to the college. The intended recipient was an Ebay buyer from Italy who had purchased a replica of Indiana Jones journal from the Hollywood movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The journal was created by a movie prop replicator from the U.S. territory of Guam who sells the replica journal’s for around $200 each over the internet.

University of Chicago spokesman Garrett Brinker explained:

“Apparently, it takes him two weeks to make one of these replicas and then he sells them to people all over the world. He says they usually go for about $200 [but] I believe this one went for $177.”

The package carried the full name of the fictional archeologist Henry Walton Jones Jr. and was addressed to his department at the University of Chicago; an eagle eyed postal worker spotted the package and forwarded it to the University.

Impressed by the detail of the journal University of Chicago officials have placed the document on display in the famous Oriental Institute of the college.