Woman Fined For Swearing At Dog Named After Neighbour

A woman in China whose intense dislike for her neighbor caused her to name her dog after him so she could swear at the dog and use the neighbor’s name has been fined by authorities. Whenever Hu Lin saw her neighbor and her dog was in the vacinity, she would begin to swear at and insult the dog using its name which was identical to her neighbour Wang Sun.

The two neighbours have been at odds since 20006 when Mr.Sun opted to put an extension on his house which greatly displeased Mrs. Lin.

Lin decided to name her dog Wang so that whenever both her neighbour and her dog were in the same location, she could curse at and insult “Wang” without being accused of directing those comments at her offending neighbour.

The courts, however, said her ploy was a thinly veiled disguise to cause her neighbour mental injury and she was fined L500.

“Everyone knew what she was up to,” Wang told a court in Jilang, Gansu province. Judges ruled that Hu had caused her neighbor mental anguish and ordered her to apologize and pay £500 compensation.