Molested Boy Wins $6.9 Million From School District

The Los Angeles Unified School District suffered a major defeat after a court awarded a 14-year old boy $6.9 million because as a fifth-grade student he was molested by an LAUSD teacher.

According to the LA Times, while studying at Queen Anne Place Elementary school, the boy was molested by teacher Forrest Stobbe, already serving a lengthy prison sentence after pleading guilty to child molestation. The multi-

million dollar award is among the largest ever granted in a case involving sexual molestation of students by teachers in the district.

LAUSD is already facing almost 200 more cases in which students charge that teachers molested them, often times right in the school classrooms. The crux of the case was whether or not officials in the school district should have recognized certain warning signs about Stobbe that he was a danger to children.

Stobbe often held private lunches with certain students against school policy and was never punished by administrators.