Murder of Ramses III solved after 3,000 years

The 3,000 year old murder of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III may have been solved by an international team of researchers conducting an examination of the ancient mummy of the Egyptian King.

The death of Ramses III has remained unexplained and written evidence from the end of Ramses reign around 1155 B.C. suggests a conspiracy to overthrow him; four conspirators, including a wife, Tiy and Ramses son Pentaware were amongst those placed on trial.

Researchers from the EURAC Institute for Mummies and the Iceman completed research including a CT scan of the mummified remains of Ramses that revealed a slit throat and severed windpipe.

Dying at the age of around 65 Ramses III reign ended with a battle over who would succeed the Pharoah; a second body known as the screaming mummy is now thought to be the body of Ramses son Pentaware who may have been forced to commit suicide for sending the assassins responsible for Ramses death.