Food-Picky Man Throws Tantrum Over A Burger

Many people will ignore a mistake made on their burger order, but to one man in Pennsylvania- if he pays for a burger, he better get exactly what he asked for. This irate man threw a bit of a fit over the cheese on his burger from McDonalds in Springettsbury Township; and by “a bit of a fit,” we’re talking a full-fledged tantrum.

York County police have stated that Sean Varone, a 35-year-old Pennsylvania man threw a high chair, knocked over a garbage can, and physically assaulted an on-the-clock employee. He also grabbed the cellphone of an employee when she tried to call 911 for help; and threw the cellphone across the parking lot so it was not retrievable.

Charges have been filed against Varone, a Dover Township resident, as of Tuesday. Currently there is no phone listing on file for the man, and no lawyer listed on court documentation.