Boy Hatches Snakes In Cupboard

Boy Hatches Snakes In Cupboard (Photo Courtesy Westportchickenboy)

Curious Child Nature Enthusiast Accidentally Hatches Deadly Snakes In Closet

A Three-year-old boy got more than he bargained for Friday in Canberra, Australia. The boy found a clutch of nine eggs while exploring the 3 acre plot surrounding his family home. After sneaking the eggs into a plastic container and hiding them in his bedroom closet, the eggs hatched while the child slept.

Yahoo News reports, Kyle Cummings’ mother, Donna Sim, discovered seven baby Eastern Brown Snakes sealed in the plastic container. Eastern Brown Snakes are the second deadliest, venomous species in Australia on land. Two eggs remained unhatched, most likely due to infertility.

Trish Prendergast, a reptile caretaker, stated that Kyle was very lucky that he had not encountered the mother snake while he was “stealing” her eggs. The three-year-old had no idea of what variety the eggs were when he found them. Experts believe they may have been in the cupboard for up to 5 days. The snakes were fine, just a bit dehydrated.

For a child especially, any contact with venom from eastern brown snakes, including via an open wound on the skin, or contact by mouth can be lethal. Eastern brown snakes are thought to be r4esponsible for 60% of the country’s snake bite fatalities.