Brussel Sprouts Flatulence Free? Finally! public domain (by the author). [edit]

Brussel Sprouts Flatulence Free? Finally! public domain (by the author). [edit]

GMO Smell Free Sprouts Prevent Flatulence

As if genetic modification of plants didn’t have enough bizarre advances in food production: John Pickett, a professor in charge of pest control at Rothamsted Research Centre has stated that if consumers want Brussel sprouts that come without the usual bout of flatulence, that dream is altogether possible to achieve, reports Food Manufacture.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today show, Pickett stated that though his efforts go more towards pest control and sustainable crop production, flatulence-free sprouts were discovered. He stated that some of the flavor of the sprouts would be lost, but the sprouts would be smell free.

“Our priority at the moment is crop protection. Sustainable production of food is an important issue,” said Prof John Pickett.

“But we could, nonetheless, if people wanted us to, divert that science and we could have this ‘smell free’ Brussels sprout. Of course it would be limited in the flavour that you would get from it.

“But on the other hand from the point of view of enjoying Christmas lunch, you could have this more, what shall we say, ‘inert’ Brussels sprout that might appeal to people.”

He added: “[It] certainly would not give you an experience later on that day or the day after from eating such a sulphur-containing vegetable.”

Many people are leery of genetic modification technology used in the world of food production, so Food Manufacture and the Institute of Food Science and Technology is putting on a free webinar to educate the public about GM, using the platform to allow experts to answer questions about problems, opportunities, and concerns.

Prof Pickett added: “We are going to have to concentrate on food production because we are going to have food shortages in the world.

“I think it is perhaps a good idea, to have on the menu… some ideas for making fresh vegetables more palatable.”

The webinar will be held at 11am on January 24.