Shrewsbury Church Reports Hundreds of Christmas Gifts Stolen

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts – Saint Anne’s parish has reported that hundreds of gifts they had received as donations to the needy where stolen by thieves earlier this week.

According to, the church had conducted a giving tree and received gifts worth thousands of dollars. However, the church’s Volunteer Coordinator Elaine LeBlanc announced that someone forcibly entered the church from the back door and made off with the donations.

To make matters worse, the donations had been collected over the course of the year and were set to be donated to children in need. LeBlanc also said that no one needed to resort to breaking the law if they were in need as the church would gladly have shared with the person if they were to ask for help.

The gifts were kept in a shed that was full of clothing items, toys, and gift cards.

Police are working diligently to find the culprits to recover the stolen donations before Christmas.