Ikea Monkey's Owner Will Seek Custody: Reports

Ikea Monkey’s Owner Will Seek Custody: Reports

Owner of Ikea Monkey Wants Him Back – Seeking Legal Action

Toronto, Canada – the owner of the monkey affectionately known as “Darwin”, who touched off an internet craze after gaining media attention outside a Toronto Ikea, says she wants him back.

The owner, Yasmin Nakhuda, says the monkey, a rhesus macaque, has been at her side ever since she baby sat for the primate and it refused to leave her side. Since that time, Nakhuda says the creature has become part of her family along with her two children.

The animal eats with her, sleeps with her, and goes to work with her (she’s a real estate lawyer) and never leaves her side. Once animal control captured the animal roaming the Ikea store, it was placed in the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ontario.

However, Nakhuda says it cannot live without her and she’s seeking legal counsel to see what she can do to reclaim her beloved pet.

“I agree that I made a huge mistake.”Nakhuda tearily told Newstalk 1010’s Amber Gero. “But I needed to be with him at that time.”Nakhuda said referring to when Toronto Animal Services showed up at the North York Ikea. “And when I went to see him he was crying. He held onto me and he wouldn’t let go. And anybody standing by could see that when you pulled him away he was crying.”

Yasmin Nakhuda says she was given the monkey by an unnamed breeder, but within days she tried to return him, feeling that the young primate needed to be with his mother.

“And when I gave him to the breeder and I walked away he started running after me and screaming his head off as if he was going to die.”

Nakhuda says that’s when the breeder turned to her and said ‘You are his mother now’.

The Toronto real estate lawyer says she took Darwin everywhere she went even to work, where he had become quite popular in the office.


Toronto’s NewstALK1010 REPORTS:

An Ontario judge has heard arguments on Thursday, that a monkey found wandering an Ikea parking lot should be returned to his owner at least for the holidays.

Yasmin Nakhuda alleges the Japanese macaque named Darwin was illegally taken from her by Toronto animals control officials.

He was moved to the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, and the sanctuary is arguing it’s in Darwin’s best interest to stay there with other primates.

Nakhuda appeared in court in Oshawa, to try to get Darwin back, but the sanctuary is asking the judge to adjourn the case so they have more time to prepare since Nakhuda filed her materials just last Friday.

Nakhuda’s lawyer, Ted Charney, is arguing today that his client should get to take Darwin home on an interim basis until the case is fully argued.

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