Sharks escape into mall

Sharks escape into mall

Chaos and Fear from Mall Sharks

According to ECN, sharks were causing a lot of excitement the day after Christmas.

In China, onlookers were photographing and viewing the 33-ton tank with beautiful fish, turtles, and lemon sharks when all of a sudden the huge flood of water came smashing onto the floor. Some of the onlookers sustained injury but the sharks met their demise.

The tank explosion was suspected to be a direct result of cold weather temperature and cracks in the tank. The 15CM acrylic glass gave way and did not contain the underwater creatures causing despairing chaos and injury to unlikely people.

On December 27, 2012, Http:// reports that the tank explosion caused the animals to die.

Their death was a direct result of fish out of water.

Most individuals are intrigued by the beauty and mystery of sharks. Fear and inexperience can cause people to look at these beautiful fish with caution.

No one was expecting the fish to be swimming around on the floor they were walking on. Everyone viewing these mysterious animals was swept away by the gush of water.

Some people were cut by glass but none of the injuries were life threatening. The mall sustained much damage.