7-Year Old Uncovers World War II Practice Bomb

Santa brought 7-year old Sonny Cater a metal detector for Christmas and on the boy’s first outing with his new machine, he managed to discover a WWII bomb while scouring the coast near his home in Norfolk, England.

According to reports, the World War II practice bomb head, weighing a hefty 10 pounds, came complete with wiring but no live explosives.

Cater said that the bomb looked like a muddy metal capsule and took it home to have his dad investigate further.

Officials at the Royal Air Force were alerted to Cater’s unusual but historical discovery and they dispatched experts quickly to remove and dispose of the device.

The use of practice bombs containing no harmful explosives was a common practice during World War II.

There is no word if the more than 60 year old bomb had any value, but Cater and his brother Marley are anxious to continue searching for more buried treasure using their new detector.