Deadly Facebook Picture

22-year old Manuel Ortiz was killed by a bullet wound to the head 6 a.m. Monday morning in Phoenix, Arizona. Manuel was posing for a Facebook picture with his sister 19- year old Savannah Ramirez when Savannah accidently shot Manuel with the gun they were posing with.

It was reported the two had gotten an early start to the New Year’s celebration and had been allegedly drinking.

he incident happened in Manuel’s apartment where Manuel and Savannah were as well as two other unarmed people. At last check the siblings Facebook page had numerous pictures with them posing making gang symbols and holding firearms. Authorities are still looking into who owns the firearm that had been fired during the picture.

According to Phoenix police Sargent Steve Martos Ramirez would be charged with manslaughter if tests show that she had alcohol in her system at the time of the accident.

“Every New Year’s Eve, this particular sister is going to be thinking about this for the rest of her life ,” Martos told ABC 15.