Robbers Mistake KFC Restaurant for Jewelry Store

Two thieves in Australia took a wrong turn after tunneling through a next door toilet and found themselves inside a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant rather than they jewelry store they intended to rob.

According to Digital Spy, robbers Dwayne Doolan and Peter Welsh thought they were breaking into Wrights Jewelry retail store but wound up instead inside the KFC.

Seizing the opportunity to not let their mistake leave them empty-handed, the pair robbed the restaurant of over $2700 in cash after forcing a female employee to open up a locked safe.

Once inside, they allegedly threatened KFC staff with the bar and demanded cash.

“One female staffer opened the safe and they grabbed lots of cash,” Sgt Summerfield said.
He said Welsh made “full and frank” admissions when questioned by police.

The two men, both in their early 30s, had already demonstrated previous lack of good judgement when they crashed into the nearby Animal Welfare League Opportunity Shop by breaking through its rear doors, stealing more than $50 in cash before making another attempt to locate their original target, the Wrights Jewelry Store.

Evidence at the scene led to the arrest of both robbers at their respective homes.