Cat Returns After Nine Years: Family Calls It "Best" Christmas Present Ever

Cat Returns After Nine Years: Family Calls It “Best” Christmas Present Ever

Sausalito, California Cat Returns After Nine Years

It’s not every day that a pet finds its home after nine years. However, Dara Gerson’s Siamese cat Vanilla finally returns after years of absence.

This feline pet originally ran off after being chased by a Sausalito, California neighborhood dog. After that, the owner put up posters of her pet on just about every nearby street. After Gerson’s daughters spend weeks looking for Vanilla, it did not seem as if this animal was going to ever return home-at least not alive.

“We lived in Sausalito and my older daughter was holding the cat, and somebody had a dog that scared the cat and the cat ran out of her arms,” owner Dara Gerson told “We put up posters and asked everyone in the neighborhood and never found him. But we never gave up hope. I’m a pretty intuitive person and assumed he was still alive.”

However, one day Gerson receives a phone call after almost a decade of missing her cat. This cell phone number of hers was retrieved from microchip scanned by an animal shelter.

It turns out that the feline had been living six hours away with an elderly man. For how long Vanilla the Cat was living with him is unclear because this gentlemen now has dementia.

“We don’t know how he got Vanilla at all, but we took him into custody because his then owner wasn’t able to take care of him,” said Kristen Hall, a worker with Animal Care and Control.

“Whenever an animal comes in, we scan them for microchips. Vanilla had a microchip and it did not match up to the person he had been living with, which was the man that had been hospitalized. But it matched up to Dara, who had the same cellphone as all those years ago.”

Vanilla’s return came at such an opportune time, too. “…It was the best Christmas present our family got,” Gerson says. She also says that he still has the same coolest demeanor.

This isn’t the first time a cat went missing for years at a time.

According to the Huffington Post, the owners of a cat that went missing in 2007 got a pleasent suprise Last year when they were reunited with her the day after Boxing Day.

Willow, who is now 11 years old, disappeared after being let out to play from her home in Princetown, Devon, in 2007.

The black cat was one of three that vanished from the same close in the town on Dartmoor within months of each other.

While one of them turned up in Taunton, Somerset, Willow was finally found in Plymouth.
“It’s really only sinking in now, but it’s the best Christmas present ever,” owner Cristel Worth said.

“How she managed to stray from Princetown to, about 20 miles away, to get to Elburton, I have no idea. It’s a long journey right across the moors.”

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