McDonald's Chicken Wings Now In 500 Test Markets

This undated product image provided by McDonald’s shows the restaurant’s new “Mighty Wings”offering on the store’s menu. The world’s biggest hamburger chain is set to expand its test of chicken wings to Chicago this week, after a successful run in Atlanta last year. (AP photo/McDonald’s)

Chicago serving up McDonald’s “Mighty Wings”

The first test flight for the “Mighty Wings” was a success in Atlanta last year, and now the wings are expanding to Chicago this week.

The “Mighty Wings” will be sold in approximately 500 restaurants in servings of three, five, or ten, and the prices are starting at $3.00. No new sauces are being offered with the wings at this time, the creamy ranch sauce is still considered the default sauce.

Currently there are no plans to expand this new item to any other locations, however, restaurants usually do test products at a few select locations before going national.

With the current prices of chicken rising due to all the competition at restaurants, adding this new item to the menu permanently could prove to be a tricky business move. In December 2012, the cost of chicken wings in the Northwest wholesale market rose 26% from the prices one year ago.

This isn’t the company’s first time adding chicken wings to their menus. The National Chicken Council says McDonald’s first introduced wings in some stores in 1990.