Unborn Baby's Fingernail Nearly Kills Mom-To-Be

Unborn Baby’s Fingernail Nearly Kills Mom-To-Be (photo Dreamstime)

Fingernail from Unborn Baby Almost Kills Mother

Angela Cottam, a 32 year old mom from Flintshire, Wales almost died when a fingernail, or possibly a hair, from one of her unborn babies was absorbed into her bloodstream. The condition is called “Amniotic Fluid Embolism.” According to her doctor it is, “unique and catastrophic.”

Cottom was admitted to the hospital for an early delivery because she was suffering from preeclampsia.

According to FOX New, the midwife first noticed something was not right when her patient started having trouble breathing after having her epidural. The medics discovered that her lungs were collapsing.

Cottom began hemorrhaging and fell into a coma. After 22 blood infusions, she was stabilized and put into Intensive Care.

Even though doctors feared she might not make it, Cottom woke up just 12 hours later. She was well enough to go home a week later. The two babies had to be resuscitated but are now doing fine and will not suffer lasting effects.

The rare condition, which affects only one in 80,000 births, caused 32-year-old Cottam to suffer severe internal bleeding and her lungs collapsed.

“I feel so lucky to be here and really blessed that both the girls are with us because it could have been so different,” said Cottam, 33.

“There are moments when I’ve been on my own, and I’ve had a little cry and thought ‘What if?’ But I try not to dwell on that and just thank my lucky stars the doctors and midwives on duty that day recognized what was happening.”

While it is estimated to be the fifth most common cause of maternal mortality in the world, there has been discrepancy with respect to the incidence and mortality of amniotic fluid embolism, according to Wikipedia.

In 2010, a new mother died just seconds after giving birth after suffering from the rare condition.

According to the Daily Mail, Julie Welsh only had enough time to hold and kiss her newborn son before she suddenly fell unconscious.

Her distraught fiance Pete Brown looked on as medics battled for an hour-and-a-half to revive her but was left devastated when their best efforts failed.

Their son Isaac had been born just 20 seconds before his mother suffered a fatal amniotic fluid embolism, an inquest heard.