300-pound romney sign bought on Craig's List

300-pound romney sign bought on Craig’s List

Iowa man snaps up 300-pound Mitt Romney sign for his collection

While former US presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, may not have been successful in his bid for the White House, it seems some Romney campaign memorabilia is still being snapped up. At least if a 300-pound Mitt Romney campaign sign shaped like the state of Iowa is anything to go by.

The Romney campaign sign has just been claimed by a 27-year old Iowa man, Don McDowell, who saw the sign being advertised on Craig’s List — for free, to anyone who would be willing to haul it away.

While weighing a back-breaking 300 pounds, the sign itself isn’t that large — only 5 feet by 8 feet. It’s weight comes in, however, due to it having been made completely out of metal.

The sign was abandoned in the office space formerly used by the Mitt Romney Iowa campaign when they moved out, and the company getting the space ready for the next tenants simply wanted rid of it. Enter Don McDowell, $60 to rent a truck and $45 for labor, and their wish was granted.

As for McDowell, he says he will be adding it to his collection of political memorabilia and that, so far, it’s his most unusual piece.

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300-Pound Romney Sign