Woman Trapped Between Buildings Saved by Firefighters

A narrow opening between two buildings in Portland, Oregon almost became a death trap for a local woman who fell into the space and became trapped there.

According to reports, the unidentified woman spent almost four hours confined in the 10-inch wide space before a local rescue crew of firefighters managed to cut through a concrete wall and pour a slippery lubricant into the space which enabled them to pull her to safety.

Several neighbors who reside in the complex heard the woman’s screams and called 911.

“I actually crawled up on the side of the wall to get somebody to get a rope or a bed sheet,” resident Michael Gibb said. “She just kept saying ‘help, I’m stuck! Help! Somebody help me I’m stuck.’”

There was no explanation on how the lady got wedged into the narrow opening between the two buildings, although several witnesses confirm that they saw a woman walking along the rooftop earlier that evening smoking a cigarette.

Despite freezing temperatures, a portable heater was used to help the woman avoid hypothermia and once she was pulled from the narrow crevice, she was transported to an area hospital.

“From the top, we can look down and see her and she is conscious and talking to us,” said Lt. Damon Simmons, a PF&R spokesperson.

“She was in good spirits the whole time,” said PF&R Lt. Rich Chatman, the lead rescuer. “She had that look of determination and I think we were all pretty convinced no matter what, she was coming out.”

After a examination by emergency room physicians there she appeared to have escaped the ordeal unharmed.

A hospital spokesperson would not release her name or condition, citing privacy laws.