Woman with Gigantism Dies: Tanya Angus Dead At 34

Woman with Gigantism Dies: Tanya Angus Dead At 34

Giant Woman Dies after Twelve Years of Growth

Tanya Angus who suffered from a rare condition causing her to grow to almost seven feet tall has died in Las Vegas, Nevada due to heart complications thought to be caused by her form of gigantism.

According to her official website:

“It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing on of our beloved Tanya Angus at 12:25 am January 14, 2013, due to her heart and TIA. RIP dear one,”

According to the Daily Mail, a tumor wrapped around her pituatary gland forced large amounts of a growth hormone to be released into her body; Angus grew from just 130 pounds and five feet eight inches at age 21 to six feet eleven inches and around 400 pounds at the time of her death aged 34.

Three surgeries and various surgeons had failed to find a way of releasing the pituatary gland and halting the release of excessive amounts of growth hormone; her large size is thought to have led to heart failure and a transient ischemic attack.

During a transient ischemic attack the blood flow to the brain is stopped for a short period in a form of stroke; Tanya Angus died on June 14th 2013.

Describing her acromegaly last year, Tanya said: “Sometimes I feel really down about it but to me the most important thing is that I have to tell people about it.

“I read emails that people send in saying: “You’re my inspiration,” or, “You are so strong.’

“If I am helping other people, I feel I can do anything.”

Tanya, talking in 2009 about the slow onset of her growth said: “I couldn’t understand why, as I wasn’t eating more. What was strange was that my feet seemed to grow as well. My face also started to swell and was changing.

“I felt unhappy with my appearance and spent a fortune on make-up. My figure also started to change and become more manly and my voice became deeper.”

The 34-year-old, who loved jewellery and enjoyed regular swimming sessions which helped her body feel weightless, continued to remain hopeful throughout her life.

“Without hope you don’t have anything,’ she is quoted as saying. ‘I hope they can stop me growing one day.”