In Hanover, Germany, surgeons left sixteen items in the body of a seventy-four year old cancer patient. He was told he could live for at least six more years.

In 2009, 74-year-old Dirk Schroeder underwent routine surgery for prostate cancer. While suffering ‘appalling agony’, he was hospitalized after a nurse discovered some gauze sticking out of a wound. It took doctors two surgeries to remove sixteen items including a needle, a compress, pieces of a surgical glove, a six-inch bandage, and a fragment of a surgical mask.

His family is suing the hospital for $120,000 due to negligence. According to the Daily Mail, the hospital claims that items entered the body ‘post-operative’ but did not say how.

Mr. Schroeder survived both surgeries before passing away last year. reports his family says he could have lived a while longer had he not been subjected to having the items removed.