Human Tooth Found In Sausages,  Investigation Underway

Human Tooth Found In Sausages, Investigation Underway

Shopper Finds Human Tooth in Grocery Sausage Purchase

A package of British Pork & Chive sausages carrying the Tesco Finest label purchased by shopper Tony Hinds contained a very unpleasant surprise.

One of the sausages, supposedly made from premium ingredients, was imbedded with a human tooth.

When Hinds complained to store management about his unusual discovery, the Tesco manager initially insisted that the object was merely a tiny piece of bone and offered Hinds a voucher for free groceries to compensate him for having to return the package.

Hinds continued to insist that the object found inside the sausage was a human tooth and even took photos of it to prove his point.

Store management finally relented and agreed that the offending object was indeed a tooth, but insisted that it was not in the package when the sausage order was delivered to the Tesco store in Sheerness.

A Tesco spokesman said: ‘We are sorry for any upset. However, after a thorough investigation, we are confident the tooth was not inside the product when it arrived at the store.

They added: “All products undergo robust testing during the manufacturing process, including metal detection. The object in question is part metal and, during supplier tests, it was easily picked up by the metal detector.”

Tesco is already under investigation for burgers found to contain horse meat.

in 2005, a woman dining at a Wendy’s restaurant in San Jose, California received the shock of her life when she realized the odd-shaped morsel she had just bitten into in a spoonful of chili was a human finger (see photo).

County health officials confirmed the incident, saying the victim was unlikely to suffer serious health effects — apart from extreme nausea brought on by utter horror and revulsion, that is — because the digit, believed to be that of an adult female, was fully cooked.

The foreign object was described by County Medical Examiner Dr. Joseph P. O’Hara in the San Francisco Chronicle as follows: “The finger was found in two pieces, a one and three-eighths inch long fingertip complete with the skin whorls used in fingerprinting, and a half-inch long

piece of fingernail. The joint appeared to have been torn off, possibly by manufacturing machinery, rather than cleanly cut.” Yum.

According to Snoopes, Investigators quickly ruled out the possibility that the digit formerly belonged to an employee of the San Jose Wendy’s outlet, but they were unable to trace it to its original owner via fingerprint or DNA matching.

It was eventually discovered that the finger belonged to a friend of the woman’s husband who lost it in a tale-gate accident. Ana Ayala was eventually arrested for grand larson.