9-Year-Old Child Gives Birth, 17-Year-Old Reported to Be the Father

A 9-year-old girl known as “Dafne” gave birth to a healthy 5.7-pound baby girl by cesarean section on Jan. 27, 2013 at Zoquipan Hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, according to ABC News.

The Associated Press reported that after the birth, Dafne’s parents informed police of the 9-year-old’s baby. Spokesperson for Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office Lino Gonzalez Corona said that police are seeking a 17-year-old who is reported to be the father.

Dafne told police that she had a loving relationship with her boyfriend, the teenager assumed to be the father of the newborn. The boy asked Dafne to live with him and raise the child together, but she declined. Dafne’s mother claimed he ran away, according to AFP.

Another prosecutor’s office official Jorge Villasenor said that the boy needs to give a statement. The case is rape or sex abuse.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that Dafne’s stepdad allegedly abused his own biological daughter, and also reportedly beat and shared a bed with the 9-year-old young mother.

“What he has done has shamed our family. I don’t know why the girl’s mother lets him carry on the way he has,” a relative of the stepdad told the Daily Mail. “They’re both liars and I think it’s terrible what has happened. Dafne is a child. She’s just a child. The girl’s mother is in love with him so she protects him, and this is what happens.”

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