Man, 82, Tackles Suspect With Football Style Body Block

Man, 82, Tackles Suspect With Football Style Body Block

Elderly man takes down burglary suspect

A would-be criminal learned the hard way not to pick on the elderly when his 82-year-old victim turned the tables and took down a burglary suspect.

According to reports, Terry Miracle, 82, of Longview, Washington, was in his garden late Friday evening when he saw police officers chasing a man through yards and fences in the neighborhood.

As they came closer to Miracle’s location, the 82-year-old man said he crouched into a position learned during his years playing high school football to get ready. When the suspect, identified as Morgan Perry Bluehorse, ran around the corner of Miracle’s house, Miracle launched into him and kicked out, hitting Bluehorse’s knee, The Daily News reported Sunday.

“He was looking back over his shoulder to see where they were, and he turned around the corner of the house and he was coming at me just like the runners used to do when I played football,” Miracle said.

Both men went down before Bluehorse got up and continued running. However, the time Miracle had the suspect down allowed the police time to get there and take Bluehorse down for good.

“I kicked out my knee, as I always did with a cross-body block, and caught his knee with my knee,” Miracle said. “He went down and so did I.”

Bluehorse was arrested and charged with burglary, theft, trespassing, obstructing an officer, malicious mischief, resisting arrest, and possession of methamphetamine.