Tragedy Strikes as Boy Dies in Car Trying to Keep Warm

Boston, MA – an eleven year old boy died this past Saturday of carbon monoxide poisoning. The boy had been helping his father shovel out their car following the aftermath of snowstorm Nemo which covered the Northeastern United States in a snow blanket.

The father and son decided to warm up in their car which is when tragedy struck. The four foot high level of snow behind the car prevented the poisonous gases from escaping properly through the exhaust system.

Before the two realized what was happening, the boy stopped breathing. The father quickly removed his son from the car and took him a safe distance away where he too collapsed from the poisoning.

Both were rushed to the local hospital where the boy was soon pronounced dead. In other news, a twenty year old man also died from carbon monoxide poisoning Saturday; he too appears to have been in his car trying to warm up.

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