U.S. Airplane Passenger Dies During Flight

A passenger on a United Airlines flight into Salt Lake City, Utah reportedly died after the plane landed and could not be revived despite the best efforts of passengers and paramedics attending the scene.

Details of the incident vary, but most claim the unidentified man thought to be in his 30s was snoring loudly during the flight before growing quiet as the plane landed. A passenger who could not wake the passenger began CPR in the aisle of the aircraft after failing to find a pulse and continued to do so for 30 minutes to no avail.

Upon leaving the plane passengers from flight 5596 were said to be visibly shocked by the events. The passenger is not thought to be from Utah and the death is now being investigated by state police; the medical examiner has also been brought into the investigation as the state authorities search for a cause of death.



Man Dies On Flight After Loud Bouts Of Snoring