Debate over Spiders in the Sky Video

A Brazilian man has sparked a worldwide debate over a video he filmed showing a large number of spiders living on a giant series of webs connected to power lines in Brazil. Erik Reis spotted the spiders after visiting a friend in the town of Santa Antonio de Platino; Reis filmed the group of spiders and later posted the video on the internet.

Initially speculation rose the spiders in the video were Anelosimus Eximus, which have been known to group together to build a large communal web. Biologists quickly stated the spiders were not Anelosimus Eximus as the spiders in the video were too large and would not be found in Santo Antonio de Platino. The spider was then identified as Parawixia Bistriata, which is found in the region and is around the same size as those shown in Reis’s video; this spider is known to build interconnecting webs to make hunting easier and is not dangerous to humans.