Hachikyo, a seafood restaurant in Sapporo, Japan, is fining customer’s who do not finish what they order.

According to Yahoo News, customers are forewarned, “It is forbidden to leave even one grain of rice in your bowl. Customers who don’t finish their tsukko meshi must give a donation.”

Tsukko Meshi is a rice dish piled high with salmon roe, and can not be served unless customer agree to the restaurant’s policies.

While it seems extreme, the restaurant owners are actually paying homage to the fishermen who risk their lives to bring the food in from dangerous conditions at sea. The owner actually make his staff training with fishermen so that they have a better understanding and respect of the work they do.

There is no official word yet on the size of the fine, as most people are able to finish the dishes that require the fine to be payed if they are unable to clean their plate.