Woman dumps boyfriend billboard

Woman dumps boyfriend billboard

An Interesting Way To Break Up On Valentine’s Day

For most people Valentine’s Day is filled with romance, gifts and a sense of love. One unlucky man had a very different experience. A woman named Laura paid to have an ad placed on the advertising board at Petrol Station.

The ad simply stated that Laura was leaving her boyfriend Dan for another guy. She also was kind enough to let Dan know that she had changed the locks and that he could find his clothes at his Mum’s house. Laura chose this way to let Dan know that she was breaking up with him because she knew he went to Petrol Station daily and would see the message.

This advertisement board usually displays snack deals instead of break ups. This unique message has become a hit around the globe. Some even are speculating that it could just be an elaborate hoax.

There has been no word from Dan about what he thinks of the break up.