California Fireball Streaks Across Sky Just One Day After Russian Meteor  (VIDEO)

California Fireball Streaks Across Sky Just One Day After Russian Meteor (VIDEO)

California Residents Witnessed a Fireball

A fireball streaked across the sky in San Francisco Friday night. According to experts, a sporadic meteor caused the fireball. Around 7:45 p.m., residents reported seeing a bright flash of light. Even people in San Jose and Morgan Hill saw the flash. According to one witness, the fireball was green but turned yellow during its descent.

There were no connections made between this fireball and the meteorite that struck Russia. In addition, the asteroid that passed unusually close to planet Earth did not cause the fireball. That asteroid passed the planet within 17,200 miles.

Lately, it seems that Earth has an unusually high number of cosmic visitors. However, sporadic meteors hit the Earth several times a day.

‘I saw that meteor/fireball over Solano County after spending the day reporting on asteroids and fireballs,’ said NBC reporter Jodi Hernandez.

Another viewer told the local news outlet that the fireball was a bright green when it first appeared and then turned to a bright yellow as it faded.

‘It was awesome!’ she said.

According to the Huffington Post, smaller meteorites hit earth five to 10 times a year but chances of a large meteor passing, such as the one that streaked over Russia earlier this week, are much rarer.

According to Astronmer Gerald McKeegan, sporadic meteors cause nearly 15,000 tons of space debris a year on Earth. The fireball was fun to witness and record, but it was not a major event.

On Friday, the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland also reported receiving calls describing what appeared to be a fireball flying west around 8 p.m.

“This is a very common occurrence,” said Jonathan Braidman, an instructor at the center. “What is uncommon is that it’s so close to where people are living.”

Have you seen a Meteor fall where you live?

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