Passenger Slaps Crying Baby

A passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta, Georgia is claiming another passenger racially insulted her two year old son before slapping the child for crying as the plane landed.

Jessica Bennett claims her two year old son began to cry as the plane came in to land on February 8th because of the change in cabin pressure.

Bennett said she was unable to stop the infant crying. A report compiled by FBI Agent Daron Cheney alleges that a passenger, named as Joe Ricky-Hundley turned to the mother and used the racial slur in telling her to shut up the child.

As reported by The Smoking Gun, Hundley then ‘turned around and slapped’ the toddler in the face ‘with an open hand, which caused the juvenile victim to scream even louder.’

Bennett and Ricky-Hundley were separated by Delta staff who also notified law enforcement officers who met the plane as it arrived.

Ricky-Hundley denies either using a racial slur or hitting the child; Bennett stated to FBI agents Ricky-Hundley had been drinking throughout the flight and was struggling to retain his balance as he moved around the plane.

According to The Smoking Gun, Hundley has been charged with simple assault after the incident with Jessica Bennett, 33, and her son Jonah.

Bennett also claimed the slap across the face had left her son with a scratch close to his right eye.

According to CNN, the charge of simple assault on someone under age 16 carries a prison sentence of one year, court papers said.

In 2007, Hundley pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge filed in Virginia, according to court records.

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