two sets identical twins

two sets identical twins

Mom Beats 1 in 70 Million Odds Birthing Two Sets of Identical Twins

An expectant mother in Texas got a very unique gift on Valentine’s Day this year when she delivered not just one but two sets of identical twin boys.

The odds of a woman giving birth to two sets of identical twins runs every one in 70 million births. But 36 year old Tressa Montalvo of Houston beat those astronomical odds without even using any drugs to enhance her fertility.

She and her husband Manual say that they just wanted to give their two-year old son another sibling, but didn’t expect the number of children in the household to quickly jump from one to five.

The infants were delivered by doctors via Cesarian section and have been named Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan. Blaine was the heaviest baby weighing almost four pounds, and Cash was the lightest at a little under three pounds. Mr. Montalvo says he still hopes they will eventually add a girl to their family.