Six-year-old Maced At NY Laundry mat

Six-year-old Maced At NY Laundry mat

Child and Father Maced in NYC Laundro-mat

A man allegedly attacked another man and his six-year-old daughter at a Bronx laundry mat in New York around 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evening.

Surveillance video was released by the New York Police Department to help find the assaulter. The surveillance video showed the suspect, Fernando Gonzalez, entering the coin-operated laundry facility on White Plains road in the Bronx area of New York City and assaulting the victim, by repeatedly hitting him. Then the assailant took out a bottle of mace and sprayed it at the 47 year old man and his six year old daughter.

Sources have said that, at an earlier time, the suspect’s girlfriend and the victim, 47 year old Derrick Dunn had argued over the use of a laundry cart. Gonzalez had come back to settle the argument, with his fists. Hours after the shocking video had been released, Gonzalez turned himself into police, and was charged with assault.


According to the New York Daily News:

“Investigators believe Dunn and Gonzalez’s girlfriend had previously gotten into an argument over the use of a laundry cart, and Gonzalez had come to settle the score, the sources said … The video shows the suspect gave Dunn a clobbering, holding him down with one hand and landing a series of haymakers with the other. Then the suspect can be seen readying a bottle of mace for use before unleashing it on the 47-year-old father and his little girl.”

After the six-year-old was maced Gonzales reportedly surrendered following the circulation of the below clip and was charged with assault.