Tumbleweeds Bury House After Storm In Texas (PHOTO)

Tumbleweeds Bury House After Storm In Texas (PHOTO)

Midland Texas Home Buried in Tumbleweeds

While many other residents of West Texas were dealing with the aftereffects of a fast-moving winter storm that dumped almost 20 inches of snow throughout the region, Midland, Texas homeowner Josh Pitman was dealing with an entirely different problem.

According to reports, wind gusts that accompanied the storm and were more than 60mph in strength managed to pile up hundreds of tumbleweeds against Pitman’s house, essentially burying the one-story building.

The tumbleweed accumulation was so thick in some places that both windows and doors into the home were totally obscured.

Pitman said that the sight of his home buried in tumbleweeds was the most ridiculous thing he had ever witnessed. He did admit, however, that he recently took down a safety fence near his property that may have blocked the tumbleweeds before they were blown over every inch of his home.

Pitman says it will take him several days of hard labor to dig out.