Chicago Airports Cancel Over 1,000 Flights

Today, Chicago is preparing to endure yet another large winter storm. Expected snowfalls of 8 inches or more in some areas will likely create a nightmare for evening commuters and other travelers. Wind gusts of 30 mph will limit

visibility thanks to blowing and drifting snow.

Earlier today, several areas of the city had already reported snowfall levels from just 1.5 inches in Aurora, over 2 inches in Arlington Heights and 5 inches in Rockford. Residents of areas near Lake Michigan will likely see higher snow levels.

Commuters missed a rough morning commute as the snow moved in later than expected, but the evening traffic will face significant problems during rush hour. By then, the snow could be accumulating by as much as 2 inches per hour.

By mid-morning, over 1,000 flights had been cancelled. O’Hare International Airport cancelled over 850 flights and another 230 cancelled at Midway Airport.