Stolen Sausalito Yacht Washes Ashore in Pacifica

Stolen Sausalito Yacht Washes Ashore in Pacifica

Police officials in Pacifica, California have recovered a multi-million dollar yacht that was stolen from the Sausalito Yacht Harbor near San Francisco and then run aground at Linda Mar Beach.

The 82-foot yacht “Darling”, estimated to be worth almost $3 million, was reported stolen by its owners early Monday morning.

The Coast Guard repeatedly attempted to contact any crew members on board without success and it wasn’t until stolen Yacht washed ashore that police officials were able to arrest three individuals in connection with the theft.

None of the suspects has been willing to talk with the police, although there were no injuries that occured during their arrest and upon initial investigation, there has been no damage done to the sailing vessel.

Police identified John Fruth, founder of a soft contact lens business based in Northern California, as the boat’s rightful owner.

Dario Mora, Lisa Modawell and Leslie Gardner have been charged with grand theft and conspiracy, Pacifica Police Capt. Joe Spanheimer said.

“The biggest concern was whether they had weapons or not; and we had no way of knowing that and knowing what their intentions would be, so we were pretty concerned about that,” California State Parks lifeguard Tim Fillars said.

The theft has left some people scracting their heads. How did the theifs mananged to nagivated a multi-million dollar yacht out of the marina only to run it aground?

“It’s no small feat to take a boat of this size out of a slip and out of a bay,” said Travis Lund, The Sunsail base manager. “Something either went drastically wrong for them, or they didn’t know what they were doing, but they certainly had the wherewithal to take it out of this marina.”

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