Cannibal cop: Prosecution Rests Case In Trial

Cannibal cop: Prosecution Rests Case In Trial

Defense Rests After One Day in Cannibal Cop Trial

Defense attorneys for New York City Police Officer Gilberto Valle, known as the “Cannibal Cop” for his twisted internet postings regarding his desires to kill, cook and consume women, have rested their case after just one day. Valle is currently on trial for plotting to kidnap and kill women for the purpose of cannibalism.

His defense lawyers have argued that even though some of the women mentioned in his numerous online posts were in fact real people, including his estranged wife, Valle’s alleged kidnap and murder plots were only his ill-advised attempts at fiction and he only posted his strange rantings online as a way to let off some steam from the stresses in his life.

Officer Valle was seen shedding tears as his attorney rested his defense and his lawyer admitted that he feels very unsettled waiting to hear his fate, which is now in the hands of jury members.

Closing arguments were scheduled for early on Thursday.