Mail Order Bride Ringer for Kate Upton

Meet Ania, Kate Upton’s Russian twin.

Ania is a Russian Kate Upton look-alike that used her twitter account to reach the real Upton, while gaining attention for her appearance.

It appears that there is no connection between the two of them, but Ania sent a picture of herself in a parka without wearing anything under it to the swimsuit model on the social media network.

The photo which was sent with the hashtag doppleganer.

Kate, being Kate, retweeted the photo with the note “amazing!”

Ania has the same mole, curves and blond hair as Upton.

Ania admits that she is not a model, describing herself instead as being in training as a mail order bride.

Ania set her twitter profile to private after the photo she posted caused a great deal of fan comments, and attention for the recreation of the cover photo. Upton on the other hands appears to enjoy the attention. Questions are arising if the two would be distinguishable in future photographs.

Check out the photos of the Kate Upton look-alike below.

The wold world is a sexier place with two Kate’s!

The real Kate Upton

The real Kate Upton

The doppelganger:

The doppelganger: