New Jersey Cop Punches Woman Outside Nightclub

Outrage has grown over the alleged punching of a woman by a New Jersey police officer since a video of the altercation has been posted online.

The New York Daily News reports, The Elizabeth New Jersey Police Department has opened an official investigation as to what caused one of their officers to allegedly punch a woman in the face outside the Club Envy nightclub in Elizabeth.

According to the CP, the identity of the officer who allegedly used excessive force has not been revealed and sources say he is still on the job and has not been suspended from his duties.

The video posted online shows a scuffle involving several people after dark in front of the nightclub in which one man who moves away from the main action is pursued by the police officer who reaches out to grab him. The problem occurs when an unidentified woman tries to stop the officer from grabbing the man and gets punched in the face for her efforts.

Cop Punches Woman Video Sparks Outrage

Cop Punches Woman Video Sparks Outrage