Man Kills TV Host, Beats His Wife, Then Kills Himself

Man Kills TV Host, Beats His Wife, Then Kills Himself

Alleged Jealous Husband Kills TV Host, Self

Reports from police claims that Montana man shot and killed a television show host and then himself.

Gregory Rodriguez, the host of A Rifleman’s Journal, was visiting the wife of 41 year old Wayne Bengston when he was fatally shot. Bengston proceeded to hit his wife with the gun before taking his two year old child to a relative’s house. When he came back home, he shot himself, Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial said.

ABC Montana describes the scene:

Rodriguez arrived in the Flathead and was visiting a female friend who was staying at the home of her mother. According to the female victim, her husband, Wayne C. Bengston, age 41, entered the house, shot Rodriguez and brutally beat her.

Bengston took his 2 year old son who was sleeping in the house and fled the scene. He later left his son, unharmed at a relative’s house and then drove to his residence in West Glacier.

“It’s pretty much an open-and-closed case. Homicide and suicide,” Dial said.

Rodriguez, the 43 year old victim, was also the CEO of a company called Global Adventure Outfitters in addition to appearing on the Sportsman Channel. He was married and had two children. The man stopped at the shooter’s in-law’s home to visit, sparking Bengston to act violently.

Police are calling the act a result of jealous rage, despite the fact that the relationship between Rodriguez and Bengston’s wife did not appear to be romantic. The two met at a trade show and developed a casual friendship.


Man kills TV host, self

Mont. man kills Sportsman Channel host, then self