Couple's second lottery Win: What's Their Secret?

Couple’s second lottery Win: What’s Their Secret?

Lady luck visits Arizona Couple twice

Most of us will never hit it once so twice is like the twilight zone. What are we talking about? The lottery; you know a dollar and a dream we all buy into once or twice a week.

Well an Arizona couple beat the odds and hit the lottery twice yes that is what I said twice. Diane and Kerry Carmichael won $2.5 million in December 1995 and now 17 years later they won another $1 million as second prize winners in this week’s Powerball.

The couple plans on playing the lottery hoping for a third shot. Some might call them greedy while the rest of us just want a chance to rub up against them in the hopes of some of their luck rubbing off.

The Carmichaels are not alone the lottery has had several multiple winners in the past while uncommon it is not impossible. Keep buying your tickets and maybe just maybe lady luck will come for a very lucrative visit.


Diane And Kerry Carmichael Win Lottery For Second Time