Tats So Dumb: Man Gets Netflix Tattoo

Tats So Dumb: Man Gets Netflix Tattoo

College Student Gets Netflix Tattoo

A lot of people have been upset with the limited content on Netflix, but the movie streaming company still has its supporters. One supporter in particular is Myron Robinson; a college student from Indiana. Rather than doing what most people do and tweeting about the company or liking them on Facebook, he got a tattoo on his upper body that says Netflix.

Following the tattoo he posted a picture of it on twitter that referenced the companies twitter account. Whoever runs the Netflix twitter account responded by awarding the student a free year of Netflix. Myron Robinson expressed how happy he was, but then continued to tweet the company about putting him in commercials and hiring him to work for the company.

Netflix has avoided responding to those requests. As the company sits silent for now, people question why he only got a free year and not free service for the rest of his life.

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