DNA Proves Historic Artifact contains French King’s Blood
A historic artifact claimed to carry a handkerchief dipped in the blood of France’s last monarch King Louis XVI has been authenticated by Spanish and French researchers. The findings of the study published in Forensic Science International link the DNA of the blood found on the handkerchief and a mummified head thought to be that of Louis’s ancestor Henry IV.

The disputed artifact has been held in Italy for more than a century in a decorated vegetable gourd, which provides details of how the blood of the beheaded monarch was obtained. After Louis and his wife Marie Antoinette were decapitated at the guillotine French revolutionaries dipped rags and handkerchiefs in the blood of the royals. Louis was decapitated in an act of regicide on January 21st 1793 when Maximilian Bourdeloue is claimed to have dipped his rag in the blood and placed it in the gourd. The DNA of both the blood on the cloth and the mummified head are said to share DNA on the parental side of their ancestry.