Aurora 'batman' killer to be given truth serum

Aurora ‘batman’ killer to be given truth serum

Judge rules truth serum for James Holmes

Judge William Sylvester ruled that truth serum can be used on James Holmes, if Holmes decides to plead guilty by reason of insanity. The judge has ordered the “medically appropriate” drug to be administered during interviews with the accused killer. He may also undergo a polygraph during the “narcoanalytic interview”.

Holmes shot and killed 12 and wounded 70 during the midnight screening of “The dark knight rises”. The massacre is one of the worst mass killings in the United States. Twenty minutes into the movie Holmes started his shooting rampage leaving carnage behind.

Holmes planned the murder spree he purchased weapons and ammunition he also had on body amour. He booby trapped his apartment causing concern for people within a 5 mile area. Police used a remote controlled robot to detonate several explosives, his apartment also held 10 gallons of gasoline. There will be more hearings to determine the fate of James Holmes. On April 1 the prosecution will announce if they plan to seek the death penalty.

Aurora cinema shooting: Judge approves ‘truth serum’ interrogation