Samuel James Dengel: The Nude Man Who Crashes Weddings

Samuel James Dengel: The Nude Man Who Crashes Weddings

Naked Wedding Crasher Shocks Guests

Wedding guests at the DoubleTree Hotel Charleston, SC saw more than they expected to at the reception over the weekend.

The mother of the bride told officers that she saw a man exposing his genitals from a hotel room window overlooking the courtyard where the reception was being held. Guests told investigators that the man first came out fully clothed and waved to them from the window, then came back to the window a few minutes later in his birthday suit. Witnesses said he then pressed his genitals against the window glass and bent over.

Samuel James Dengel, 20, from Pennsylvania, has been charged with indecent exposure. When police came to his room shortly after the incident, he answered the door in only a towel. He was with a woman who has not yet been identified. Speculators think Dengel was showing off his new tattoo on his buttocks that says, “By the power of trust, I, while living, have conquered the universe.”

Whether or not Dengel has an attorney at this time is not known.

What a nut: Nude Bucks man crashes S.C. wedding