Wadsworth The Runt Cat Turns 27, Oldest Kitty In The UK

Wadsworth The Runt Cat Turns 27, Oldest Kitty In The UK

Weak Cat Celebrated For Long Life

In 1986, Mrs. Ann Munday, from Bedfordshire, England (United Kingdom), adopted a small sickly “runt of the litter” cat from a veterinarian.

In the 27 years since, she nursed that kitten, who she named Wadsworth after a popular beer, to better health and proved to the world that even if you start out weak, you can become strong and live a long life.

At 125 cat years, “Waddy” has had a happy and full life. Although his health becomes poor at times, and he has hyperthyroidism, Munday told the BBC that Waddy continues to go outdoors between naps and meals. He also receives medications that help.

Wadsworth may be the current oldest living feline in England and the world. Although cats have lived longer in other areas, Waddy is the current oldest publicly recognized feline in England beating out a 25-year-old feline from East Yorkshire named Margaret.

According to omg-facts.com, Creme Puff was the oldest cat on record.

Creme Puff was born in 1967 and lived a ludicrously long life. Her owner, Jake Perry, has now owned the two cats with the first and second Guinness World Record for the longest life. So how does he do it? Books have been written on the cats and how they live so long, and when interviewed Perry cites their diet as the potential key. Among other things, bacon, eggs, asparagus, and broccoli compose their diet.

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