Bat-Eating Spiders Populate Everywhere but Antarctica

Bat-catching spiders have been discovered to be abundant everywhere in the world except in Antarctica. Although bats have few enemies in the natural world other than hawks, spiders and owls, giant spiders have been discovered in several parts of the world, including Venezuela, that make it a habit to attack and eat bats in their natural cave habitats.

In the Caribbean islands, a special variety of spiders have been found who regularly feast on the carcasses of dead bats.

On many occasions, bats have died by flying into spiderwebs and dying from dehydration or starvation. A recent scientific study of interviews with scientists who specialized in bats and spiders found that more than 50 cases of bat-catching spiders have been documented around the world.

Bat-catching spiders live predominantly in South America, the tropical areas of North America, Asia, Australia and New Guinea. Most bat-eating spiders supplement their diets with insects.