Naked bathers flee fire In China

Naked bathers flee fire In China

Apartment Fire Forces Naked Bathers From Bathhouse

(dBTechno) – The Daily Mail reported earlier today that an apartment building fire in the county-level city of Yueqing, in the southeastern part of the Zhejiang province in China near the Yueqing Bay, quickly spread to an entire block of surrounding structures.

Among the buildings reached by the blaze was an open bathhouse. The fire ripped through the area so fast that the bathhouse’s customers did not have time to dress and fled into the streets naked.

One customer told a Daily Mail reporter that he could “smell smoke and hear screams” and that he just “ran for his life.”

He and other customers attempted to cover themselves while emergency fire services personnel combated the flames and people gathered in the streets.

Local fire officials on site have determined that the incident started when a gas pipe in the kitchen of one of the apartments cracked and then exploded. Natural gas used for heating and cooking is highly combustible and can easily from the slightest of sparks.

Fire services had difficulty getting the fire under control. The fire injured six people and killed one other. Officials stated they were lucky, as this type of fire could have claimed many more.


Naked bathers flee for their lives as fire rips through building in China killing one and injuring six